Wrapping Up Safety Week 2017

United Civil participated in Safety Week, a nationally recognize program that brings awareness of construction site safety to inspire those working in the construction industry to be leaders in safety.

United Civil is committed to job site safety 365-days a year, and took time this week to show our continuing commitment to eliminating worker injury and to re-communicate our dedication to our employees that their safety matters.


Our Safety Manager, Matt Gibson, visited sites on Monday to greet crews with new Toolbox Talks as well as handing out new safety shirts designed with our Safety 365 logo.

Marketing Manager, Joanna Frechette, created a campaign aimed towards this year’s Safety Week “It’s in Our Hands”, bringing safety tips to both Facebook and LinkedIn helping to spread the word in safety.

Although Safety Week 2017 has concluded, United Civil will continue our mission in job safety by increasing safety awareness; all day and everyday.